Maquet Servo I ventilator

Maquet Servo I

Unified Inc leading provider of used and refurbished Maquet Servo I ventilator. 

Made Only From Organic Materials

From newborns to adults, the Servo-I ventilation platform may be used on a wide range of patients. It can manage the most severe episodes of respiratory distress all the way from the first stages of the ventilation process to the recovery phase. Delivering exceptional ventilator treatment as gently as possible, the Servo-I never stops. This Has To Do With Tools, Treatment Options, Monitoring Capabilities, And Performance. This ventilator is appropriate for every setting, from the intensive care unit to the NICU, because it may be used on a wide range of patients. Without worrying about the ventilator’s capabilities, you may select the treatment option that best suits your patients’ needs with the Maquet Servo-I.


The Servo-I Is Simple To Use And Understand. The ventilation system gives you the information you require at the right time, enabling you to act quickly and appropriately. With direct access knobs, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to access all settings, even the most crucial parameters. In this manner, the clinician maintains control, is always informed, and is able to respond.

With advanced features that one would often expect from an advanced system, the Servo-I Ventilation System is an all-in-one platform. It Is Challenging To Recognise Dangerous Ventilator Patterns, Mostly Barotrauma, In Patients With Ali And Ards. A feature of the Adult and Universal Servo-I Configuration called Stress Index Aids in the Diagnosis and Prevention of Potentially High-Risk Adult Scenarios by Clinicians. The ventilator examines variations in the respiratory system’s compliance while a steady stream of regulated breaths is being taken. Additionally, this unit offers a low-density gas mixture of oxygen and helium called Heliox. It’s Common Knowledge That Heliox Is A Therapy That Reduces Turbulence And Enhances CO2 Elimination.


Refurbishes the Maquet Servo-I to original manufacturer specifications. These ventilators are examined, cleaned, and tested upon arrival at the facility to determine which parts require replacement. Our in-house biomedical engineers calibrate the unit to the original engineering manufacturer specifications and make the necessary replacements. After the unit is in excellent condition, it has a unique cosmetic restoration that involves sanding and repainting. We replace the decals on the ventilator if they need to be replaced, restoring the unit to its original appearance.



  • 51.8 inches (131.5 cm) in height
  • Width: 56 cm, or 22 in.
  • Depth: 64 cm (25.2 in)
  • 20 kg (44.1 lb) in weight


  • Method Of Triggering: Flow, Pressure And Edi (Optional)
  • Max. Operating Pressure: Approximately 115 Cmh2o
  • Bias Flow: 2 L/Min


  • Type: Tft-LCD Module

  • Size: 31 Cm (12.1”) Diagonal

  • Viewing Area: 246.0 X 184.5 Mm