Servo U Ventilator


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The Maquet Servo-U is a ventilator that is intended for intensive care. The Servo-U gives the medical professional more ways to tailor each ventilation treatment to each patient while still protecting the integrity of their lungs. these phases of ventilation include controlled, supported, non-invasive, and spontaneous breathing. With a larger touch screen display it is easy to view and adjust the patient’s parameters. The Display screen can be rotated 360 degrees so it can be read no matter what side of the patient’s bed it is put on.


  • Tools to support protective ventilation strategies.
  • Context-based guidance, therapeutic workflows and intuitive user interaction for all functions.
  • Upgradeable platform to meet future needs.
  • Automatic Calculation of VT/PBW.
  • On-Screen Tutorials.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Interchangeable Product Modules.


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